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 DATE CONCERTI DI MUSICA CLASSICA A ROMA - ACCADEMIA ROMANA DELLE ARTI - Date Concerti a Roma e in Italia Accademia Romana delle Arti - Sacred Music in Rome

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The Accademia Romana delle Arti offers a unique work of organization, support
and promotion for every choir, orchestra and artistic group wishing to exhibit in sacred music works in the most suggestive Churches and Basilicas in Rome.

We address to the whole world so that all artists can flow towards the most famous historical sites in Rome to bring their art and heir talent to the large international public attending the events that our Accademia promotes.

For all the artists - choirs, orchestras, vocal and instrumental ensembles, soloists – this will be an unforgettable experience which will remain in their history, in their curricula and most of all in their hearts as one of the highest and most emotional moments of their artistic career.


In particular, the Accademia provides the following services:

 ° selection of the concert site in accordance with the artists’ wishes, usually a    Basilica in Rome or a Cathedral in an Italian historical city.

 ° reserving the site of the concerts and obtaining the required permits from the Ecclesiastical and Civil Authorities.

 ° possible CD recording, photographic service, sound-recording and internet diffusion, activities that will be previously arranged with the artists.

 ° possible TV recording or live broadcasting on regional or national channels. This possibility is reserved to very important events and will be examined each time.

 ° personal invitation to the diplomatic personnel of the artists’ country operating in the city of the event. This invitation will be extended to all personalities the artists will mention.

 ° promotion of the event by means of:

  • notice on large diffusion local and national newspapers;
  • leaflets and bill-posting;
  • print of the hall programs to be distributed to the audience:
  • staff attendance during the events;
  • rental of musical instruments;
  • reservation of a support orchestra or ensemble.


The Accademia will be able, on request, to recommend “incoming agencies” for the following activities:

  • hotels, restaurant selection and reservations; logistic arrangements according to the artists desiderata;
  • transport reservation for group movement;
  • ticket reservations for museums, art galleries or events taking place in the host city.


The artists – choirs, orchestras, vocal and instrument ensembles, soloists – who want to take part in this enthusiastic experience are invited to address our Accademia, best if in English, and to send the following:

  • Curriculum;
  • an updated CD or DVD recording;
  • the city selected for their performance;
  • the intended program;
  • e-mail address and website.


Our address is:

                             Accademia Romana delle Arti
                             Largo Josemarìa Escrivà n. 1
                             00142 – R  o  m   e – I t a l y


The request and the material, which will not be returned, have to be sent at least three months before the date selected for the event. 

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